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Vietnam usually has strong wind in the last and early months of the year, from November to March, especially in the North of Vietnam. Hanoi Golf club would like to present 03 notes that golfers should pay close attention to when playing golf in cold weather and strong wind and in order have a great golf game.

  1. Warm up your body:

This is a very important first step and should not be ignored regardless of the weather. Particularly in strong wind weather, sometimes golfers need to use more force in a few hits. Warming up 15-20 minutes before going to the course will ensure that the body is always ready and thus help golfers definitely have a quality training session.

  1. Determine wind’s direction and speed on the golf course

In windy weather, the first and foremost thing that golfers should do is to determine the wind’s direction and speed. Because each ball line has a different spin axis and is affected by the wind. If it is a tail wind, it will reduce the rotation of the ball, thus keeping the ball from rising above. If it is a head wind, the ball will rise high because it is in the same direction as the spin axis. For each wind direction, these following should be noted:


Striking against the wind:

  • Golf club selection: You should choose the longer club with less swing. It will be a great assistant for you when striking backwind because the worst thing you can do is swing stronger. So do not be afraid to choose a club that is less than 1 number or 2 number or even 3 number.
  • Club grip: In case of striking against the wind, you should hold the club shaft shorter and do a shorter backsing. Swinging too wide will destroy your chance of getting the ball to the right distance. Here the key is your control.
  • Ball movement: You should move the ball backwards when creating a stance and lower the trajectory of the ball. Afterthat, you should swing with as much control as possible, this will give you a higher chance of reaching the desired distance without too much difficulty.

Performing the perfect swing on the course

Striking with the wind:

  • Golf club selection: You should choose a club that is 1 -2 number bigger. Since the ball will be affected the most when your shot is high, therefore, long iron club will be less affected than short ones.
  • If you want the ball to go lower, you should control the distance with the iron club. Once you’ve determined the distance, strike the ball rolling. Because in this condition, the ball will be more difficult to stop, therefore it may roll from 10-30 yards more.

Striking in crosswind:

  • If you have good control over the direction of the ball, then you shouldn’t be worry, but instead strike the ball straight into the wind.
  • If you do not have good control over the direction of the ball, then you should adjust your target to match the wind direction.
    1. Body balance should not be ignored

Maintaining body balance throughout your shots is a helpful advice you shouldn’t ignore. If your swing doees not end well and encounters a strong wind, then it is dangerous. Your standing posture also needs to be adjusted. Golfers should switch standing position, adjust the center of the body. Your legs and knees should be wider than usual for a more solid stand.

Playing golf in strong wind is never easy, but if you remerber these above notes and stay calm during the game, you will have strong steady and spectacular swings. Hanoi Golf Club hopes these tips will help you when playing golf. Good luck!



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